OCV Trainees

Cabrini Health is a Monash University teaching hospital. This means it provides clinical education and training to future and current doctors, nurses, and other health professionals, in addition to delivering medical care to you and other patients.

We also have a commitment to research and we are a centre for experimental, innovative and technically sophisticated services.

Medical Oncology Registrar

The Registrar is a doctor who is receiving advanced training in the specialist field of medical oncology (the study of cancer) in order eventually to become a medical oncology consultant. After graduation from medical school, they will have undertaken several years of work and training initially as an intern, and subsequently as a junior and senior medical officer. They have successfully completed the examination for membership of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. The trainees participate in a rotating training program administered by the Victorian Medical Oncology Trainees Group (VMOTG). 

The registrar will be directly supervised by A/Prof Gary Richardson and Dr Andrew Haydon, who have both successfully completed the RACP Medical Oncology Supervisor training program. They will participate in your care, and may have regular contact with you, particularly if you are an inpatient, but all decisions about your treatment will be made by your own oncologist.

Medical Students

Third year and fifth year medical students from Monash University will be doing training in medical oncology and clinical haematology at Cabrini. Students will participate in a range of learning experiences which are designed to substantially enhance their clinical reasoning, diagnostic and case management skills.

They will participate in supervised clinical practice and learning activities, including interviewing patients about their medical problems and conducting physical examinations.

Your Participation

Having another senior doctor, the oncology registrar, involved in your treatment allows greater continuity and quality overall. As academic appointees of Monash University, we are fully committed to the training of young doctors, and appreciate your help in this process.

Although you may see trainees, you can be assured all decisions regarding your treatment will be made by your own oncologist. If you feel you do not wish to see a medical student or trainees, that is your right, and you will need to convey this to your specialist. Thank you for your help in training the next generation of medical oncologists in Australia.