OCV Staff

When you attend Oncology Clinics Victoria, you will be met by one of our dedicated staff members. Each oncologist has their own personal assistant to ensure your experience is intimate and personalized. They will become one of your main resources to steer you through your treatment journey.

Communication and respect are very important to us. On your first visit, our staff will steer you through the paperwork, explain how our practice works, and book all relevant tests and treatments you may require. We understand how overwhelming it is having a diagnosis of cancer, so the staff will help you in any way possible to make your journey easier.

Oncology Clinics Victoria defines quality as a comprehensive look at all aspects of a patient's experience. Our patients seek excellence in care, the best medical knowledge and experience, the best technology available, and the kindness and hope offered by our staff.

The quality of our service can also be measured in the amount of time spent with each patient; making sure each patient is treated with respect, kindness and dignity by every member of the OCV team; making sure appointments are on time and that all test results and other patient information are available to every doctor whenever they are needed. Quality at Oncology Clinics Victoria involves the totality of a patient's experience — from the first phone call to the last appointment.