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Brighton - Sam and Liana

Brighton Sam and Liana

Brighton Oncology Clinics Victoria

Liana Vlajankov  & Sam Waley work as a team in our Brighton Rooms to provide excellent patient care. Consultations are provided in the OCV suites located at Cabrini Brighton, and they run individual and group exercise classes from their dedicated EP studio “ Rehabacise” located at Level 1, 643-649 Nepean Highway, Brighton East.

Liana has had extensive experience working with cancer patients to meet their individual exercise requirements.

Liana understands the unique aspects of every patient’s cancer experience and strives to ensure their exercise programs are highly individualised and appropriate for their needs and treatment pathways. 

The positive relationship between structured exercise and cancer treatment has been strongly documented and should be included as part of every treatment plan for patients suffering from all cancer states. 

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Structured exercise includes benefits such as:

  • Reduced chemo fatigue
  • Increased Strength
  • Improved quality of life during treatment
  • Maintenance of muscle mass and bone mineral density
  • Enhanced post-operative surgery 
  • Reduced incidence of depression and other mental states
  • Improved survivorship rates vs. non exercise groups

Liana completed her Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology at Deakin University.  Liana has a wealth of knowledge, having worked within clinical, gym and sporting environments where she developed exercise and rehabilitation programs for individuals and groups.

Liana is passionate about creating a fun, educational and supportive environment to motivate her clients. Liana believes creating such an environment helps clients adhere to their exercise program, and empowers them to be better equipped to manage their injuries, conditions or weaknesses independently. 

How can an Exercise Physiologist help you?

In relation to cancer treatment, exercise prescription needs to be highly individualised. Exercise prescription is based on a patient’s medical history, exercise and physical activity history, treatment plan and severity of condition. Some of the benefits of exercise prescription include:

  • Improve Energy/Fatigue Reduction
  • Improved Range of Motion/Function
  • Weight Maintenance
  • Maintenance of Muscle Mass
  • Improved Hormonal Regulation
  • Regulation of Bone Density

Exercise prescription is provided by our Accredited Exercise Physiologist and can encompass a number of treatment methods such as home-based exercise, gym-based exercise, hydrotherapy and many more. The methods are based on your physical needs.

Once a physical assessment has been conducted, our Exercise Physiologist will devise a number of programs to best maintain your health during treatment, minimise the side-effects of your cancer treatment and maximise your rehabilitation and survivorship chances post treatment.

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